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The cause of the quality of the gilding layer of the connector

Date: 2017-12-05 Author: admin

The color of the gold-plated connector is not the same as that of the normal gold layer, or the color of the gold layer of different parts of the same product is different.

Effect of 1. gold raw materials when impurities tolerate chemical impurities into the material added to the plating bath than gold plating solution will soon affect the color and brightness of the gold layer. If the influence of impurities will appear dark gold layer and blur phenomenon, hall slot specimens check and floating position is not dark fixed. If metal impurity interference will result in the current density range narrowed, Hall cell test specimens show the current density is not bright or low-end high-end low-end is not bright plating plating. The plating coating is to reflect on the red or even black holes, the color change is obvious.
2. gold plating current density is too large due to the total area of bath components is greater than the actual numerical calculation error of surface area, the gold plating current is too large, or when the amplitude of vibration by electroplating gold is too small, so the slot in all or part of the plating gold coating was rough, visual red gold layer.
3. the aging of gold platin

g solution is too long, and the excessive accumulation of impurities in the bath will inevitably result in the abnormal color of the gold layer.

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