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Analysis on the grinding and polishing process of fiber optic connector and the cause of defects

1. The reasons for the polishing of fiber optic connectors Optical fiber connector as one of the most important optical passive devices for fiber system, requires lower insertion loss and higher return loss in performance, so as to impr...

Contact resistance testing method for connectors

1 TP-23 low level contact resistance 2 purposes This method is to introduce a standard method to measure a supporting terminal, and the contact resistance in the condition that the insulating layer is not destroyed or melted. 3 samp...

The cause of the quality of the gilding layer of the connector

The color of the gold-plated connector is not the same as that of the normal gold layer, or the color of the gold layer of different parts of the same product is different. Effect of 1. gold raw materials when impurities tolerate c...

The previous life of connector quality testing

1. What is a connector? The connector, that is, CONNECTOR. It is also known as plug in, plug and socket in China. In general, it refers to electrical connectors. A device that connects two active devices to transmit a current or signal....

A wave of intelligent upgrades in China's connector market will change

Under the trend of automotive electronics, the impact of new technology on the traditional automobile industry is accelerating the reform of the automobile industry. The combination of these fresh words with cars for environmental conserv...


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