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 Guangdong Zhenpin Precision Technology Co. Ltd. was established in September 25, 2013, the national high-tech enterprises in the park adjacent to the beautiful Songshan Lake - Dalang Yang Wu management area, independent factory occupies a total area of about 3000 square meters. The company specializes in R & D, production and sales of precision hardware and plastic mold and precision connector components, such as computer connector, auto connector, cable connector, optical fiber connector, connector, connector, intelligent equipment of UAV intelligent networking Home Furnishing connector, connector etc. the products are mainly used in computer, automotive, communications, 3C digital and personal intelligent equipment etc..

While adhering to the independent innovation, the company pays more attention to the cooperation of production, research and research and other forms of technical cooperation, so as to add brick and brick to the technological innovation of the enterprise. And encourage all members to innovate, promote the management of various departments, and thus promote the healthy and rapid development of the enterprises. The company is equipped with advanced high precision projector, 2.5 dimensional tester, high gauge, tool magnifier, microscope, tensile tester, hardness tester, ROHS tester and other multi platform development and testing equipment, to provide a reliable hardware support for the research and development of new products. And there are clear rules for R & D process, R & D investment, achievement transformation, intellectual property management, R & D personnel performance evaluation, R & D, test equipment and production equipment. Through effective management of innovation, the company has obtained more than 13 patents for invention and applied for utility models. In recent three years, 19 achievements have been achieved in the company, with an average of more than 6 per year. The company has been satisfied with and through the national high-tech enterprises to cultivate and identify.

Excellent employees, well-equipped equipment, stable quality and strict management are the foundation for a company to grow and grow and win the user's dependence. "Precision, professional and reliable" is our spirit of production and service belief. In the aspect of quality control, management system and methods are strict and scientific, and through the implementation of ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14000:2015 environmental quality management system and actively implement the "5S" movement, UL product certification, and have continued to improve and ensure the stable supply to meet customer and regulatory requirements for products, and its environment the responsibility to protect the enterprise.

Over the years,Guangdong Zhenpin Precision Technology Co. Ltd. Co., continue to absorb advanced technology and products at home and abroad technology, based on the practice of the company itself, many with customers and improve product research process, gradually improve the accuracy, stability and reliability of the product! The company adheres to the spirit of "precision" as the technology foundation, "special" as the quality requirement, and "quantity" and merchants create a win-win spirit, to provide our customers with safe, reliable, intelligent, standardized and cost-effective connector products. Products have been gradually applied in the market. With fine management, excellent quality and excellent service, they have established direct or indirect long-term cooperative relationship with domestic and international brand customer businesses, and have won favorable reviews from users.

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